How it works?

The service is very simple: we send handwritten letters.

What do the letters say?

Some ideas are given to us by the person who orders the letter. For example, if it’s for someone retiring from the company, the order includes some info about his job and the years he’s been working there. We complete the rest.

What don’t the letters say?

In some issues, we prefer not to get involved in, and we do not make declarations of love, or file complaints of any kind, in example.

Will the recipient know who ordered the letter?

If the one who orders want it, yes; otherwise we will not tell him.

How will I know that the letter has actually been sent?

Because you will receive it. Otherwise we will show you that we have sent your letter. By the way, our service ends in our mailbox: we are not liable if postal services around the world do not deliver the letter properly.

Is it dangerous to give personal data on this website?

Not at all. We do NOT make any computer processing of the data or enter them into any database.

Don’t you even take the data about who makes the payment?

No. We only know the email id that makes the payment through Paypal; we only know who orders the letter if you want to tell us.

How long does it take for letters to arrive?

To Europe, between one and two weeks; to the rest of the world between three and five weeks.

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